Written by: Mark Edwards

Cross Colors, in celebration of its 30th anniversary, collaborated with the California African American Museum to curate a new retrospective exhibition. Find out what you can expect from the exhibition straight from the founders in this interview.

What can we expect from Cross Colours collaboration with CAAM for this exhibition?

TJ: “They are covering the historical perspective of the Cross Colours Brand. This exhibition will reflect back on the 90s, and everyone who is attending is encouraged to wear Cross Colours gear. The actual direction they are taking for the show is phenomenal. They are taking a great angle for the brand historically and how the brand influenced not only black fashion but the actual culture as well. There will be deejays, food trucks and presentations, it’s mostly for people to come out and have fun.”

What are you most excited for people to see?

TJ: “The whole presentation to be honest with you. I was just at the museum dropping off articles of clothing, sketches and photographs to the curators and they surprised me by actually showing me the 3D rendering of the exhibition. So, I can just say that the entire thing is going to be great because seeing the whole exhibition will be enjoyable for everyone to experience.”

What are you excited for people to learn about?

TJ: “I think this exhibition will teach people where the brand really came from, why it was important in the 90s and why it is important today, not just in black fashion but in the culture. They will know it’s not just color blocked jeans and things like that. It has a deeper meaning than that.”

Carl: “You know, the history of the brand, it’s real, it’s true, it’s from the culture, we are the culture. It’s a great expose for this generation to learn and become aware of what we stand for.”

You can join Cross Colours at the grand opening on Wednesday,  October 2nd at the California African American Museum; 600 State Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90037. For more information visit the CAAM website