Writers: Kamari Williams, Jarrin Sample, and Cailee Copes



Over the last year, the Cross Colours brand has had the opportunity to connect with, as well as mentor, several talented young men, and women via the newly founded “HBCU Campus Influencer Program”.

The Cross Colours’ Influencers, all attending either Howard or Hampton University, have engaged in a number of projects that are relevant to working in the fashion business: marketing, event planning, product design, graphic design, interviews, writing, model casting, photoshoots, video shoots, and editing.

As the program continues to grow, Cross Colours aims to showcase some of its extraordinary members. 

“Being an ambassador for Cross Colours has been a great experience. Having the opportunity to connect with TJ Walker, Carl Jones, and the rest of the Cross Colours team feels like visiting a library of ideas and wisdom spanning across multiple aspects of business and fashion. The program has given me a much-appreciated boost in confidence in pursuing my own goals to start my own clothing line.”

Jarrin Sample

Junior, Business Administration and Management Major




“My team and I accomplished a lot this summer through the Cross Colours influencer program! We were able to create an entire line of clothing from scratch and turn it into something that we not only know our peers will love, but we also know will be great for the environment.

Everything we did this summer was consistent with the hard work that we put in during the school year for our photoshoot, fashion show, and video shoot. We also were able to have constant contact with the Cross Colours founders, Carl and TJ. We’ve been able to build great a professional bond with them, as well as get personalized advice. I am excited to show the world what we have coming up for the 2019-2020 school year!”

Cailee Copes

Junior, Marketing Major




“The experience my teammates and I have gotten while collaborating with Cross Colours has been amazing. We’ve been able to produce original content, curate events, and gain real fashion industry experience in less than a year, and we’re only just getting started. We can’t wait to show what we have in store regarding new lines, our next fashion show, and other special events. Mixing our Howard flavor with Cross Colours makes this the perfect partnership.”

 Kamari Williams

Sophomore, Marketing Major




To learn more about Cross Colours’ newly founded college program and how you can join the ranks of our incredible team of Influencers, contact us via email at kadeem@crosscolours.com