Written By: Kendrick Porter

The California African American Museum, the first of its kind in the LA region, will celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Cross Colours.

The exhibit will showcase the iconic brand’s influence in the way the world views streetwear, and the brand’s unwavering relevance. Running from September 25th, 2019 to March 1st, 2020, the exhibit will walk visitors through the history of the brand and the ways in which founders, Carl Jones, and TJ Walker, used fashion to eliminate the negative socio-political depictions of African American youths.

The exhibition curators, Tyree Boyd-Pates and Taylor Bythewood-Porter, refer to Cross Colours as having “broken a glass ceiling” in terms of urban apparel and partnering with formidable players in fashion. 

With an appreciation for legacy and  craftsmanship, the California African American Museum is the first museum to examine this groundbreaking brand and plans to create an authentic experience. CAAM will showcase vintage textiles, media footage, and rare marketing materials that reinforce the ways in which Cross Colours has made its mark in history. 

Moreover, the exhibit will recognize the impact that Will Smith’s appearance on television in Cross Colours gear had on youths at the time. Curator, Boyd-Pates, states that Cross Colours debut on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air was “one of the earliest examples of influencer culture.” An example that continues to this day as Cross Colours is still gracing screens and stages on performers and actors alike. 

This exhibit is a celebration of a brand that advocates for the youth and promotes nonviolence, unity, and greater education. Learn more about the history of Cross Colours by visiting CAAM and experiencing the exhibit for yourself.