Written By: Kendrick Porter

When anyone mentions Black fashion in a cultural sense, the name Cross Colours is inevitably part of the conversation. A brand that prides itself on being moved by culture rather than trends, Cross Colours uses a wider lens when taking a look at fashion as an art and as an industry. This lens has been used for over 25 years and nearing its 30th anniversary, Cross Colours is not looking to switch their lens on fashion any time soon. In its upcoming denim drop, CXC is taking its customers back in time. 

In 1989, Cross Colours released a denim collection that was inspired by New York street youth. Founders Carl Jones and TJ Walker’s creative flow was sparked by the New York street style, specifically, the small, skinny kids who donned extremely loose fitted jeans and tops. 

The founders decided to make oversized clothing that would actually fit the kids’ bodies. This gave birth to a denim collection that ended up on the backs of prominent artists such as Snoop Dogg and Tupac. After the release of the baggy pant with a fitted waist, Cross Colours introduced color blocking which became a staple in the brand’s designs, distinguishing it visually and morally from the competition. 

The culture is what moves Carl and TJ to create their pieces. Their ability to market urban culture and make it profitable has, and will continue to, keep Cross Colours relevant.