It’s October and classes are back in session on campuses across the country! Take a look at our Campus Influencers’ top picks for the Fall! You may just find your homecoming outfit! 

Retro Realness








Cross Colours Vintage 89 Baseball Jersey - Black

For fans of vintage streetwear, consider this unisex retro baseball jersey. Men, pair this with a plain white shirt or a bare chest, some black cotton shorts, and a pair of all-black high-tops to make your class do a double-take.

Ladies, consider pairing this jersey with black biker shorts for a dope jersey-dress look. Take things up a notch with a black bralette, and a pair of black Doc Martens to make the men on campus stop and stare. 

Campus Finesse


Cross Colours Pinstripe Baseball Jersey - Yellow

Rock the look that helped Bruno Mars and Cardi B take over the 2018 Grammys! This retro baseball jersey is fresh out of the Cross Colours vintage vault and ready to wear. Consider dawning this look with a bare chest, a pair of black joggers, and Black/Yellow colorway high-tops for a clean finish.  

All Eyez on You

Cross Colours Tupac Transparent T-Shirt – Vintage Black

Pay homage to one of the greatest to ever rap while still serving an undeniable look. Men, consider finishing this look off with a pair of distressed black denim shorts and all-black high-tops to make the graphics of the shirt truly pop. 

Ladies, consider wearing this as a shirt-dress complete with a pair of black biker shorts and all-black high tops. 

Click, Flash, Crop!

Cross Colours Hip Hop Dictionary Crop T-Shirt - Black

Cross Colours Color Block Crop T-Shirt

Classes are in session but it’s still a hot girl summer! Pair any one of these classic crop tops with a pair of denim shorts (either black or blue) or distressed denim to create an effortlessly sexy look that’ll make every eye on the Yard look in your direction.