Written By: Kendrick Porter

Being a brand that is known for intertwining the fashion and music industries, it should be no surprise that Cross Colours had a dance troupe back in the 90s. The troupe solidified the fact that Cross Colours was a brand for the culture. 

Carl and TJ’s goal of having their brand-sponsored dancers see the world came to fruition once the team started performing with the Black Expo. The event gave the brand and the dancers to travel across the country showcasing the clothing, as well as the troupe. With the success of their performances, the CXC dancers were also given the opportunity to tour Southeast Asia. 

The CXC dancers performances were also incorporated into Cross Colours fashion shows as a way of fusing fashion and music. The inclusion of music increased the brand’s exposure, specifically amongst youths, and played a pivotal role in increasing the brand’s popularity. 

Today, the CXC dancers consist of several talented young dancers, all residing in the lA area, who will perform at various Cross Colours events, as well as create original content that the brand will showcase on their website and on social media

If you or someone you know is interested in joining the Cross Colours family as a CXC dancer, the brand invites you to submit your dance reel and resume to kadeem@crosscoloursla.com for consideration.