Written By: Airielle Lowe Mumble Rap—the earliest recollection of the term for many is a 2016 HOT 97 interview with artist Wiz Khalifa, where the rapper stated the following:  “We call it mumble rap ...it ain’t no disrespect to the little homies but they know wassup.”   Incomprehensible, repetitive lyrics riding the melody of a catchy trap beat is what generally characterizes the new generation that has both brought this genre back to life in the past decade, while steadily rising to fame for performing in it. It’s not necessarily about being lyrical anymore—but more so enjoying music as a form...
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The 27 Club

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The 27 Club is Getting Younger, But Can Anyone Stop It? Written By: Airielle Lowe “It’s lonely at the top. That’s the most cliché s**t in the f*****g world, but that’s so true.” - Juice Wrld In an interview with The Breakfast Club released in April, the late rapper Juice Wrld opened up about mental health and confiding in friends while utilizing music as a form of both therapy and a way to connect with his fan base—showing people that they are not alone in their battles. Eight months later he was pronounced dead, a few days after his 21st...
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