Written By: Dara Mcgee

The year 2019 was an interesting year, to say the least. Actually, words really can’t describe 2019 in just one word, but what can be said is that the year was all about self-expression; no holds barred. 

Through different forms of artistry, we can get a glimpse of a person; their emotions, interests, and ways they proceed to move throughout the world. In this case, we can view it through what we consider fashion. 

2019 saw more and more people breaking free from traditional fashion norms and styling themselves on their own terms. Moreover, the year ushered in a resurgence of popular 90’s trends; baggy clothing, flashy branding, bright colors, etc. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of last year's most prominent fashion trends. 

  1. Animal Print

The animal print trend is as retro as retro can get. It reminds us of that zebra print chair that your Grandmother bought in the eighties to bring excitement to the house.

Well, it seems that we didn’t really know what we were talking about and we should have been trusting our Grandmother’s style choices all along. 

As we transitioned from summer into the Fall, the streets began to resemble a safari; with the most prominent prints being a cheetah, of course, zebra, and snake. From leopard spot trench coats to snakeskin boots, the looks have been on point this season. 

Don’t agree? Take a look at some of the examples listed. 

  1. Lingerie/Underwear as Outerwear

The bedroom isn't the only place to wear your Savage by Fenty; lingerie is now quite the pivotal statement in fashion. 

When this look is worn, we automatically think about Madonna and the way she used lingerie to exude her sexuality. Pairing a black lace bodysuit with some sleek black jeans or faux leather pants and some nice heeled boots will have anyone feeling themselves. 

We can also introduce BDSM inspired wear as everyday fashion. There are no whips and chains here, but you may find some earrings and a Chloe handbag nearby. 

Like lingerie, while some may heavily incorporate the fetish aspect, there are other looks that showcase subtle seductiveness. 

  1. Teeny Weeny Handbags

Not too long ago, singer Lizzo graced the red carpet for the American Music Awards. She stunned in a ruffled, orange, Maison Valentino mini dress. 

Clutched in between her acrylic nails was probably the tiniest purse we’ve ever seen; a kernel of popcorn might be the only thing you can fit inside. However, not all tiny bags require a magnifying glass in order to be looked at; some are large enough to put your dignity inside. 

The French brand Jacquemus put this style of handbag on the map, with the accessory debuting in their Fall/Winter fashion show.

For $270, you too can own one of these bags and turn heads as you go on your way, that is, if anyone can see that you’re carrying it. 

  1. Patchwork

The patchwork look is so...dissimilar. Have you ever seen a patchwork quilt? It’s like a different story with each fabric and pattern.

One favorite way to incorporate the patches are when they are sewn onto jeans. It’s slight, but it can brighten up any average attire. 

It’s not just jeans that are patched up, we have seen coats, dresses, skirts, and even shoes. A nice solid color that would pair nicely with the busyness of patchwork clothing, accentuating the artistry of the different patterns. 

We have seen many fashionistas wear denim on top of denim; a simple blue jean along with a colored jean piece. It’s bold, it’s expressive, and it’s structured; like a stain glass window at the Sistine Chapel. 

  1. Boiler Suits

This trend is absolutely eccentric! There are so many ways to make this article of dress your own. Who would have thought plumbers were trendsetters? 

Yes, the name “boiler suits’’ doesn’t automatically elicit an “oooh, how fancy and luxurious’’ response, but with a little creativity, you can come close. 

Add a chunky belt and some block heeled boots and voila! You’ve got yourself some runway attire right there. It was a perfect style for fall, but I feel it could be dressed up for all of the seasons. 

Of course, you have your earth tone colors; brown, olive, tan, etc, but step outside of the box and try a more ostentatious color, perhaps a red or orange. 

This outfit gives us such a nostalgic 70s feel...dare I say, groovy? 


What should we expect in 2020?


In the year 2020, there are going to be some trends from 2019 that will cross over into 2020. Like previously stated, the lingerie trend is really not going to go anywhere anytime soon, as well as animal prints. But 2020 will usher in new senses of style, and we are excited to see them in action. In 2020, we may be seeing a few comebacks. Here are a few predictions. 

  1. Leather

There was a huge explosion of leather in the 80s. Leather is so versatile. Whether it’s a jacket, a skirt, pants, or dresses, leather can instantly turn a person into a badass.

Got a leather jacket? Pair it with a plain white t-shirt, some blue jeans, and some black Converse. Leather skirt? Maybe a red off the shoulder top with some fishnet tights and some black Doc Martens. 

Also, leather doesn’t have to be the standard color of black. Don’t be afraid to swipe up that red leather jacket. 

Colorful leather is actually something to look forward to for sure in 2020. 

  1. Color Blocking

A color wheel is a representation of colors used to organize hues and show their relationship between primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. 

For example, blue and orange are considered complementary colors. Color blocking doesn’t rely on the color wheel, it more so relies on spontaneity. 

Two or more shades are paired together to make an unorthodox and unconventional look.

This trend is commonly associated with Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter and theoretician from the 20th century. If you take a look at his artwork, you can see where the inspiration comes from. 

  1. Polka Dots

Don’t be surprised if you see polka dots popping up in Spring 2020. Dots have shown up in a few fashion shows like Marc Jacobs, Caroline Herrera, and Adam Lippes in 2019. 

Polka dots are traditional, flexible, and simple. Smaller polka dots are so sweet and romantic, while larger polka dots give us more of an avant-garde feel. 

To spice up the look, try mixing different patterns and colors together to add some life to your polka dots.

  1. Crochet and Sheer

Crochet isn’t just that thing your great aunt does after her bingo game on Fridays, it’s taking over the runway, and maybe your closet. 

Designers like Fendi, Marni, and Jonathan Simkhai have incorporated this style in their runway shows. Also take a look at London based knitwear designer Noor Shubar, more commonly known as Noorvana on Instagram.

Sheer can be dressed any way you see fit. It’s easy, it’s breezy, and it’s beautiful, no Covergirl. You can wear something underneath, leaving a little to the imagination, or just slip it on and go on your way.

We saw the sheer trend all over runways in 2019 from designers like Jason Wu, Pyer Moss, Oscar de la Renta, and Sally LaPointe. 

  1. Bermuda Shorts

These shorts are also known as walk shorts or dress shorts. 

Casual tops are the way to go when wearing the Bermudas. When we think of Bermudas we think of comfort, and it’s the perfect trend for the spring and summer months. 

Slap on a pair of comfortable sandals or Converse’s and there you have it; sweet and simple. 

Have you tried any of these trends in 2019? What trends are you going to try in 2020?