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Trained at the Otis Parsons Art Institute, and 1992 winner of the WALTER P. CHRYSLER Award for Innovative Design, Jones founded Designers Screen Printing in 1982, providing T-shirt designs to companies such as Guess and Ocean Pacific. Jones sold the company in 1985 and founded Surf Fetish, a trendy beachwear concern. In 1989, he took inspiration from the emerging hip hop culture and started Cross Colours, the first apparel company that took urban style to the masses to the tune of $80 million in three years. 


WALTER P. CHRYSLER Award for Innovative Design – 1992
2-time CALIFORNIA MART Design Award Winner – 1987 + 1988


In 1990, Walker became the first in a succession of notable African-American designers to earn global recognition for design through the introduction of the preeminent urban collection Cross Colours. The company amassed record sales in excess of $80 million within its first two years of operation. Walker has obtained numerous design awards including the coveted Rising Star Award (issued by the MFA - Men’s Fashion Association) and the Chrysler Award for Innovation in Design. He was also a featured member of the President’s commission on the NAFTRA agreement, and was invited to speak at the White House on behalf of the fashion sportswear industry.

A celebrated Digital Design instructor at OTIS Parson’s School of Design, and CAD instructor at F.I.D.M., Los Angeles (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising), Walker is currently pursuing a PhD degree in Education and Global Design Influence on Modern Culture. Throughout his career, while simultaneously occupying positions as Creative Director, Design Consultant or Chief Creative Officer Walker, has continued to indulge in his first love, fine art.