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Cross Colours is pleased to announce the release of the The Hundreds X Cross Colours collection. This release will be exclusively available at The Hundreds’ flagship locations and Online Shop on Thursday, August 21st.
"Cross Colours is back. Well, the reality is that Cross Colours never quite went away. In the early 1990s, Carl Jones and TJ Walker founded an urban streetwear brand that went against the drab gangbanger workwear of the time, opened the inner-city up to positivity, and introduced baggy pants to the Yo! MTV Raps generation. Aptly named Cross Colours, the label skyrocketed overnight, draped across the backs of the biggest rappers, actors, and athletes. But as rapidly as Cross Colours propelled into the mainstream, the fire  mysteriously extinguished in 1994 just as fast. The question lingers, “Whatever happened to Cross Colours?” Dormant for twenty years, they return to a collaboration with The Hundreds, our opportunity to pay homage to the ubiquitous styles that defined early '90s pop
culture, and theirs to continue the story cut short two decades ago.” -Bobby Hundreds
The The Hundreds X Cross Colours collection pays homage to the brand’s bold styles and messages. Featuring long and short-sleeve graphic T-shirts, fleece, and a snap-back cap, the The Hundreds X Cross Colours collection will be a limited re-entry of one of the most poignant aesthetics of the ‘90s.

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